Let's agree to disagreeThis is a losing  battle for both sides. Beltran has his story and the Mets have theirs.   Omar says he spoke to Beltran and everything is fine  and   Jon Heyman reported on the MLB Network that the Mets might consider trading him.Whatever it takes, let's just put this behind and move on, what's done is done.Hopefully,  the Mets sat down with Beltran and came up with an uneasy truce or at least got on the same page.  Hopefully they'll be no more contradicting stories.    Hopefully, this ends very soon.    I don't think  Mets want to  hear  this all through Spring Training and the Regular Season-that's the last thing  this team needs at this point.  Obviously somebody screwed up. I'm not about to a  point finger because I don't  think  anyone outside the Mets and Beltran  really know  the real story  but I do know that Beltran must get healthy and get on the field as soon as possible.Right now, the Mets need to spend some money(something I know they didn't want to do) and fix the problem.   Whether it's Ankiel or Hairston   or some kid from High School, the Mets need a temporary Center Fielder besides Pagan.     They could survive without Beltran for a couple of months.You see, Beltran needs the Mets as much as the Mets need him.If Beltran sits the whole year, he  will lose the sympathy as a victim of bad judgement.   He   also might appear selfish  or even  worse for him,  fragile. If he wants to get out of New York  via a trade or through free agency, he must prove he could play.   On the other side, if the Mets play hardball, they lose their center fielder and there is no way they could survive without one.     It's King Kong Vs. Godzilla, you know who loses the most?   Tokyo.    So fella's can we takes notes  about what went wrong and promise never to do this again?   Can we focus and get  ready  for the task of winning?    Can we play nice?   We really have to pull together on this one, we have enough to deal with in the National League East.