I thank the Mets for giving me three quarters of a season.   It was fun while it lasted.  The Phillies are a better team and that's the way it is right now.     With roughly 50 games to go and 9 games out of first, this week was a disappointment to say the least.Every Ghost Town needs a bridge so I'm turning the Shea Bridge into Dead Man's Pass.    I heard there are some pretty rough characters around there so watch your back.It's a shame, it really is, when the Fans want so much and it looks like the ownership just doesn't care.   I hate the Braves, Phillies and especially the Yankees-I hope their fans know just how special it is to have a team that they know has a shot to win it all.Ok that being said, I hope at least the Mets can play the spoiler for the last two months.