After Kingman's great article from yesterday, I too was convinced that the Mets should pursue Abreu.  However, this is exactly what I was afraid of as MLBTR  conveniently points out. 

 Such a commitment would shatter the four-year, $36MM contract signed by Yoenis Cespedes and the seven-year, $42MM contract signed by Yasiel Puig. The success of that pairing could be a contributing factor to Abreu's lofty price tag.

Also Abreu's rumored defensive issues could be shown here in the bidding as well as all three "front-runners" have the option of playing him at DH worst case.   

It's amazing what 10M can do you your mind, considering the Mets financial issues really for the last 5 years.  As was mentioned in the comment section yesterday, 50M seemed like a good risk, 60M was pushing it, 70M is just over the top.  While I am intrigued by his power, the Mets have a ton of holes and a collection of players who, while they may all stink, have the ability to play 1B.  I expect them to go in house for 1B with someone, perhaps even a platoon, from the Davis, Duda, Flores, Satin, Murphy club. 

I can't help but wonder if the best thing to do is to just let Murphy and Flores have 1B and 2B and move on to what I consider a much more pressing issue in RF and SS.