The legend of Matt Harvey continues to grow as last night was his best performance yet. Harvey pitched nine innings while allowing only one hit, which was an infield single with two outs in the 7th, on his way to retiring 27 of the 28 batters he faced while striking out 12. This was one of the most dominant games ever thrown by a Mets pitcher and in my opinion, more impressive than Johan Santana’s no-hitter.From the very first inning , you just knew the White Sox had no chance against the phenom. Ron Darling said early on that for a hitter walking up to the plate there has to be something unsettling about looking out at a guy with blood running down his face with that type of demeanor and power out on the mound. The blood did eventually stop but Harvey did not. He was overpowering with his fastball and had complete command of his slider and change-up. I know the White Sox are a weak hitting team but with the groove Harvey settled into last night I don’t know if any team would have had a chance.It was disappointing that the Mets were unable to earn him a win, as the Mets offense looked nearly as bad as the White Sox's early on. Thankfully the Mets were able to win this game in the 10th with a Mike Baxter walk-off hit to drive in Ike Davis, salvaging Harvey’s dynamic start. The Mets are now 6-1 in games that Harvey pitches and he could very easily be 7-0 himself. This team is not talented enough to squander starting performances like this and they need to win these ballgames. It was great that they found a way to win, it is important that the team wins first and foremost, but Harvey deserved to earn a win as well.  The team certainly owes him one; hopefully it will come on a day that he isn't at the top of his game.You’re missing out if you aren't following Doc Gooden on Twitter during a Matt Harvey game. Doc is zoned in on each and every pitch Harvey throws and makes sure to let his feelings be known. Doc has started what could become the new age version of hanging a “K” for each strikeout in a stadium by Tweeting out each one using the hash tag ”#MattHarveyKCount” and I simply love it. It’s great to see that Gooden is still emotional invested in this team and has developed a friendship early on with Harvey, who is attempting to captivate this city the way Doc once did.Hopefully the stands will begin to fill up for his starts - if there is any one player that should make fans want to buy tickets, it’s Matt Harvey. If he is able to continue to pitch this way and the Mets earn him some more Ws along the way, starting the All-Star game in Citi Field is a very real possibility. Now that would be something special for this franchise.