This comes from a column in today's Daily News article written by Bob Raissman.
Keith Hernandez walking fine line between TV analyst and fanboy when it comes to NY Mets pitcher Matt Harvey

When it comes to Harvey, Mex should consider putting the genie back in the bottle and try rocking steady. Taking the alternate route will get ugly. No one wants to hear someone leading cheers, especially in a booth not known for that kind of broadcast.

No seriously Bob, are you for real?  Who are you to speak for Mets fans and tell them that they do not want one of their heroes praising one of the few things we as Mets fans have to be happy about.  Seriously this might have been one of the most out of touch articles I have ever read from an actual news source.  I hate to even get it credit or more views by posting it here but it was just too much not to discuss.The past couple of weeks I have seen a few people attack the current booth in some form or fashion.  As a guy who listens to away broadcast often on XM radio when not at home, I don't think some Mets fans realize how lucky we have it.  The fact that our booth is known to be not a bunch of homers is great as that is something that kills me listening to others.  However, to expect Keith or any other person watching Harvey to not be giddy about his production and future is to not have any idea of the pulse of the fanbase itself.You want to hear ridiculous?  Turn on the Nationals broadcast tonight during this match-up.  Otherwise, just shut up and let Keith be Keith.