According to Jon Heyman as reported on MLBTR the Mets are one of the teams interested in acquiring Julio Borbon from the Texas Rangers.  The Rangers designated Borbon for assignment 8 days ago and have until 2 pm today to pull off a trade or he will hit the waiver wire.  Heyman reported that the O's, Mets and Astros are all rumored to be interested in the left handed CF.Julio is 27 years old and appears to be more like a Michael Bourn without as much speed than an actual answer to any of our OF needs.  If the Mets were to trade for Borbon to me that would signify that they do not see Jordany as a legitimate CF candidate and expect Kirk to continue to struggle.  While the Mets need competent OF I would rather have seen them try and pick up Casper Wells instead whom at least is RH.Update:Looks like his path is going to the cross town... uh rivals.  Heyman is now tweeting that the Rangers were unable to make a deal and Borbon is hitting the waiver wire with the Astros having the first chance.