In case you missed it today Dr. Andrew Weiland of the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan performed successful surgery to repair the torn ligament in Rodriguez's thumb. Afterwords the Mets held a conference call to announce how they would proceed with KRod.Here is what they decided.
  • The Mets placed pitcher Francisco Rodriguez on the Disqualified List for conduct in violation of his Uniform Player's Contract.
  • The Mets said Rodriguez acknowledged to the team’s trainers that he injured the thumb in the altercation with his girlfriend’s father last Wednesday at Citi Field.
  • The Mets notified KRod, his agent Paul Kinzer, and the MLB Players Association that they have exercised their right to convert KRod's contract with the club to a non-guaranteed contract.
  • The Mets will reserve the right to void KRod's contract down the road.
  • The Mets said KRod is still in the plans for 2011.
  • The Mets said they would reinstate Rodriguez when he is healthy next spring.
What does this all mean? Well by placing KRod on the Disqualified List KRod will not draw paychecks. He will not accrue major-league service time. Which means Krod will forfeit the $3 million that is due him for the remainder of the season. All this is pending the results of the Players Association's likely filing of a grievance on behalf of KRod and it will ultimately land before an arbitrator to make the final determination.The conversion of the contract to non-guaranteed would allow the Mets to cut Rodriguez without owing him his remaining salary. Which means the Mets could possibly not have to pay Krod $11.5 million next season. Plus a $17.5 million option for 2012 that vests if he finishes 55 games next year and ends the season healthy and on the roster.The Mets would only be responsible for 30 or 45 days’ pay depending on the timing of the dismissal.It is unsure at this time if the voiding of the contract is tied to the result of Rodriguez’s criminal proceedings. KRod was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and second-degree harassment of his father-in-law. He is due back in court on Sept. 14. Depending on the outcome the case could allow the Mets to pursue further action regarding the contract based on moral terpitude.Even though the Mets have plans for KRod in 2011 he can remain on the Disqualified list for an indefinite time. To quote Minaya "Today we want him back".The above information was obtained from the following sources:MLB: Mets place Rodriguez on disqualified listAndy McCullough/The Star-Ledger: Mets place closer Francisco Rodriguez on disqualified list, will attempt to make contract non-guaranteedAdam Rubin/ESPN NewYork: Mets won't pay K-Rod during injuryMIKE BATTAGLINO/NY Post: Mets take aim at K-Rod's contract but say they want him back