Tim Dierkes of MLBTR has done a great job of breaking down this year's FA Pitchers market in this article: Free Agent Market: Starting Pitchers Tim has ranked these pitchers according to many different stats from ERA to Highest Ground Ball Ratio.Taking it a step further for TRDMB discussion I have taken the leaders of each category and given points to each of the top 5.   5 points for 1st place, 4 for 2nd....When the list was tallied you would be surprised at some of the results.Piniero 23Marquis 15Wolf 15Lackey 12Harden 12Bedard 10Smoltz 7Washburn 6Penny 5Padilla 3Pavano 3Looper 3Johnson 2Garland 2Pettitte 1Now if you adjusted that for age and FA status by adding 5 points for under 30 and taking away 5 for TYPE A.Lackey would have 7 points, Wolf would have 10 points, and Harden would stay at 12 as he is a TYPE A and under 30.So what does this say?   Maybe not much.   It does show that Piniero is having an unbelievable season that most likely is not sustainable.   What it also shows me is there is no dominant pitcher in this group that does not come with question marks.   If the Mets look to acquire a mid-rotation starter the choice may not be as easy as first thought.