OK so normally I don't put "breaking news" in the title of a post unless it is something Earth shattering in Mets land.  However, today is an exception... or is it?  Because of the hard work of our TRDM staff (especially MR. NJ) TRDM is proud to reveal a total site redesign based on what you the readers have asked for.  There's a lot here so please explore on your own but let me bring your attention to a few things.The normal slider that has become a great feature at TRDM now has complete control where you can navigate the most recent post.  Below the slider will always be our most current post.To the right of the slider you will find tabbed menu with the most recent comments, Twitter feeds from not only TRDM but also many of it's authors and friends, and finally a friends tab that pulls the most recent post from members of our blogroll.As usual below that you will find the Mets Sportspyder and MLBTR widgets.   Also added to this page are 3 new widgets that cover Blog Talk Radio, WFAN audio and finally the new ESPN standings widget.  Speaking of Blog Talk Radio, be looking out for a new feature coming soon featuring your own TRDM on the air.These are just a few of the features and as always, if there is something that would make your experience here at The Real Dirty Mets better let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.As Always By the Fans For the Fans,TRDM