Well so much for the Mets getting Gabe Kapler to man Left fieldAccording to the St. Petersburg Times writer , Marc Tompkin, The Tampa Bay Rays Have re-signed outfielder Gabe Kapler to a one-year, $1.05MM deal. The 34 year old Kapler, hit .239/.329/.439 in less than 300 at bats while playing all three outfield positions. ( damn and I was hoping Omar would have brought him in to be the second coming of Shawn " The Hebrew Hammer" Green)Tomkins went on to report that Kapler originally signed with the Rays for $1MM back in January.And on   the Mike "fatty fat fat" Fatcesspool Show , S.I columnist , John Heyman maintained that the Mets have tepid intrest at best for bringing in John Lackey   and will make a major push at Matt HollidayAll I can say that if this is true C'mon Jeff & Omar go the extra mile for once in your lives and make this team into a juggernaut !!!