In what should come as a surprise to no one, Bart Hubbach The NY Post, reported that the the Mets have informed reliever J.J. Putz that they will not pick up his $9.1MM option for 2010, They will instead buy him out for a cool million bucks ( damn I wish I was a injured baseball player !!) Hubbuch says the Mets were weary of his past health issues when when they made him aware of their decision.Putz, 32, a right handed relief pitcher appeared in 29 games for the Mets before joining the conga line of injured Mets when he developed with an elbow injury that required surgery, even though the Mets played the waiting game hoping he would be one of the fictitious members of the Calvary that would have saved the Mets dismal season. I honestly would invite him back on a incentive laden 1 year contract just in case he is healthy . Look he has to prove to the other teams that he can still pitch , so whats not a better way than taking a shot than at the very least pitching in Spring Training for the Mets just to build up some interest .El estelar relevista JJ Putz ...  Yippy, Yappy & Yahooey?