Mets just released this statement:The additional blood tests confirmed that Jose Reyes's thyroid hormone blood levels are elevated and he is hyperthyroid. Mets Medical Director Dr. David Altchek last night spoke with Jose and his representatives. As prescribed by the doctors and specialists, Jose’s treatment plan is to rest, refrain from athletic activity and make changes in his diet. The doctors will monitor Jose's thyroid levels through regular blood tests. Once Jose’s thyroid levels return to normal, he will be cleared to resume baseball activities.UPDATE: Ted Berg over at is sitting in on the Reyes conference call and is reporting
  • Reyes is disappointed that he will have to be out for "weeks as opposed to days."
  • Greenberg says it will likely take 2-8 weeks for the levels to stabilize
  • According to Greenberg, doctors have no doubt that Reyes’ thyroid levels will return to normal as long as he doesn’t significantly increase his heartrate or eat seafood.
  • Minaya admitted, "the reality is, it doesn’t look good," for Reyes opening the season with the Mets