Should the Mets..Get Wiggy Wit It?A recent report out in Baltimore is that the Orioles could possibly look to move ex-Met Ty Wigginton.   I am intrigued by this and I'll tell you why.    When Wiggy was here he was a crowd favorite and for good reason.   He was young at the time, energetic,  aggressive, and hit for power.   He seemed like a winner, and if not a go getter.   A  great 6th man on the NBA court.   We didn't think he would ever be an All-Star, but we respected his game because the guy  had some talent.        In 2004 we moved him in what Met fans considered at the time an acceptable  move as we netted a big young right hander who showed some promise by the name of Kris Benson.   We know how that panned out.Ty getting that jersey dirty as alwaysWiggy went on to have a solid career.   In fact, I was shocked when I looked at his numbers to see how solid they really were.   Three seasons of 20+ homers, and consistent .270-.280 for really all 8 seasons.   Not bad for a 6th man.   Yet, Ty's been shipped around the league in the last few years, and that's mainly because of his defense.   While you can respect his versatility  being able to play all  around the infield, without a true position Wiggy never could hold on to a steady job.So why bring him back then?   Listen, I am not saying the guy will be our savior, but a guy like that can win us a few ballgames for sure.   Maybe that hard nosed attitude and that energy spreads in this clubhouse.   With guys like him and Francoeur, Wright, Reyes...these are high energy guys that need to start having some fun again on the field.   Maybe we platoon him at 2b with Castillo.   We know Castillo won't play 162 games this year this is a given.  In some ways his return to the Mets would resemble the way Sean Avery return6d to the Garden for the New York Rangers.   Avery wasn't the most talented of the bunch but definitely had some unique assets:   his energy, his aggressiveness...similar to Wiggy.   Avery became a fan favorite in New York has his personality suited the city well, yet the Rangers moved him a few years back.   He is back with the organization this year, and the crowd  and team feed off his energy.    Avery...being AverySo, is Wigginton worth the $3 mill we'll be taking on  next year?   Might be worth bringing him back just to hear a few more cheers in Citifield.  Who would we trade?   Can Wiggy make any difference?