broadwayAccording to Adam Rubin at the Daily News:"At first, I was a little bit disappointed," Broadway said about returning to the minors. "But once I talked to the Mets brass and what they had in mind for me, it makes complete sense. They want me to start. If they want me to start, well, I’ve only thrown a few innings here and there. So the only rational idea would be to go back to the minors and do so. And I have no problem with it."There will be a slight build-up process. The most I’ve gone is three innings a week ago, and before that it would be like an inning here, two innings there. But I don’t expect it to be a long process. My whole body is used to being a starter for so many years that it will be an easy transition. I’d say two starts and I’d be back to normal. That’s not a concern whatsoever.""My curveball and my changeup are both my ‘out’ pitches," Broadway said. "My changeup has always stunk most of the time, except for this year for some reason it’s been really good. So I throw that more so than I ever have in my life. And I’ve started to throw a cutter. It’s not really that great, but at times it’s a good pitch for me."