According to Metsblog:Mets acquire Bubba Bell from Indians for cash considerations.The 28 year old Chris Carter Bubba Bell has played 569 minor league games to a .816 OPS with flashes of HR and SB ability.While most irrational Mets fans will be making idiotic comments on how this is a stupid move or the classic "championship here we come" it appears there is a very good reason for this acquisition.  Like the MLB team the AAA team is having it's own injury issues.  With Fmart called up and Duda and Lutz hurting the Bisons are in need of a guy to at least fill out the roster.  Could he develop into a usable part for the MLB bench, nah but there is so much more to an organization than just developing MLB players.  I know that is hard to imagine but those minor league teams have to put on a show as well.  People actually do pay to see them produce a meaningful product thus there is room for the Bubba Bell's and Val Paswhatever's.