I know I am picking on Buster because this stuff seems to happen way to frequently with many of the games top reporters now but this seems to be getting foolish.Last night at around 6:00 Buster made a Tweet that was seen on TRDM as well.  Announcing that The Mets' offer to Chris Young likely includes guaranteed money over $1 million.This morning, as what seems to far to often be the case, we read the following from the NY Post.  "The Mets remain interested in Chris Young, but the team denied a report last night that it had made the free-agent right-hander an offer. "So why in the new age of Twitter does this seem like a daily occurrence?  Is it that the reporters are grasping at straws trying to drive hits?  Is it the throw enough stuff to the wall and something will stick?  Is it that teams are more aware of Twitter and blogs and are more guarded with their information?  Are they indeed using the media to send mixed signals and try and control the market?  All I know is about 2-3 years ago when an ESPN reporter reported something you could go on about your day knowing that was in deed the case.  This morning I woke up half expecting to read exactly what I did.  Mets deny...Ah, what Twitter has done.