So yeah, we are at it again.  Back in the fall we added a few new members to our team.  We added a TRDM Minor Leagues as well as SaberMETrics.  As you have noticed the TRDMML has been great, keeping us up to date on all thing in the Mets system with daily reports from the farm.The SaberMetrics side?  Not so much.  I am sure there are many reasons for this.  One, if you have not been on this side of the screen before, it's hard to come up with quality articles all the time.  Two, sabermetrics are still so damn controversial.  It takes a tough skin to put your hard work out there to have it picked apart by lovers and haters of the stats alike.  Three, it's just damn time consuming.However, I do feel it is something that the readers here want.  We have a very intelligent group of reader that I think like to look at stats in a way that could answer questions.  Such as why the hell does Jason Bay suck?Thus I am appealing again to any Mets fan that is also saber minded.  If you have a desire to get your message out to 1,000's of readers each time, this is the place for you.Respond here in the comment section and I will shoot you an email to give you more information.