Last Friday Joe D the owner of Metsmerizedonline which is one of the most popular and longest running Mets fan sites on the net wrote a post titled "Have Our Priorities Shifted From Winning To Something Else?"In it he touched on his concern that many fans "have become too conscious and maybe even obsessed with keeping the Wilpon’s profit margins fat" as opposed to just focusing on winning. He used CJ Wilson as an example of a player you would think Mets fans would be totally on board for but apparently are not due to as the title of his post suggested, a switching of priorities from winning to something else.My comment to Joe D was that that for me it was not about keeping the Wilpon’s profit margins fat but rather the acceptance that there is a budget the Mets are operating in so the cost to sign Wilson doesn’t make his signing look to be a possibility.Joe D's reply was that even with the reported budget of $110M for 2012 Reyes and Wilson can be had if you got rid of the dead dollars of Pelfrey and Capuano. Now agreed there are many ways to go about this and with so many unknown variables their is no 1 right way to do so. Having said that the following was my attempt to see if indeed signing both Reyes and Wilson is plausible with a $110M budget.* * * * *The Mets have 5 players with a combined salary of $60.45M under contract for 2012 they are Santana, Bay, Wright, Dickey and Carrasco. If the Mets for arguments sake were able to sign Reyes at a salary that paid him $20M in 2012 and were also able to sign Wilson at a salary that paid him $15M for 2012 the Mets payroll would now be $95.45M committed to 7 players.I know, I still have 18 roster spots to fill. For purposes of this post let's say the following players barring trade would probably be on the roster. Jonathon Niese, Ike Davis, Daniel Murphy, Josh Thole, Lucas Duda and Pedro Beato. If they were to make their reported 2011 salaries and you again for sake of this conversation then added Dillon Gee, Justin Turner and Ruben Tejada at the league min salary that would come out to a combined $3,796,000 added to the existing payroll. Bringing it now to a total of $99,246,000 committed to 16 players. That would leave $10,754,000 of the so-called budget to go toward the addition of the remaining 9 players.Remember this is without offering arbitration to Mike Pelfrey who could reportedly receive $5M to $6M in arbitration and Angel Pagan who along with Pelfrey has been speculated that they could cost a combined $10M in arbitration. Add to this the unknown cost it will take to sign a closer.So no way Pelfrey and Pagan get offered arbitration cause $754K will not get you the remaining 7 players especially when the minimum yearly salary in 2011 was $414K.That is as far as I got. Do you think the Mets can add a closer, rebuild the bullpen and find a center-fielder (since Pagan will probably not be offered arbitration) while filling the remaining 9 roster spots with $10,754,000? Do you have a better idea on how to possibly go about it? Let us know.