Pedro still seeks a N.L. crown!Has anyone read Steve Popper's article today?
"When Perez stepped into a key role in the 2006 playoffs, it was Martinez who helped call pitches for Perez and keep him on target. In spring training he would bring Perez, Mike Pelfrey and John Maine into what he called, "his office," for pitching skull sessions."
It's an interesting idea at the least.   God knows the Mets have tried everything else.   Also, though, Pedro proved that he can be an asset to a rotation if used as the Phillies did last year when he went 5-1 in 9 starts with a 3.63 ERA including a decent post season.   Whether he would be any better or worse than the other options, I have no idea.As it stands, Johan Santana (4-2, 2.76 ERA), Mike Pelfrey (8-1, 2.39 ERA) and Jonathan Niese (2-2, 4.28 ERA) have their rotation spots on lock. It's the other two spots that are in flux.Plan A would be for Ollie and Maine to make a comeback this year and show us they still deserve to be in the rotation (and in the organization).   Maine pitched a light bullpen session on Friday and should face hitters this Tuesday, but there's no time frame for his return from his shoulder tendinitis.Plan B seems to be to continue with Hisanori Takahashi (4-2, 3.21 ERA) and R.A. Dickey (3-0, 3.20 ERA), but who knows how long they can continue to pitch well.   I hope they can but won't be surprised if they don't.Plan C would be some mid-season trade, but with Omar's mid-season trade history we can pretty much assure it won't be Cliff Lee (3-2, 2.91 ERA) or Roy Oswalt (3-8, 3.22 ERA), but maybe we'll be just fine with a Kevin Millwood (0-6, 4.29 ERA) or Jake Westbrook (3-3, 4.36 ERA).If there is a plan D, I wonder if it could be Pedro.   Could Pedro actually be the key to Ollie's potential and could Pedro contribute to the rotation in case Plan A, B or C doesn't happen? I know many Mets fans are sour on Pedro because he didn't live to his expectations as a Met, but would you take him back if you can:1. Get good Ollie back,2. Keep our prospects, and3. Get 09 Pedro as a fall back in case:a. Perez or Maine don't come back, andb. Takahashi or Dickey needs to be replaced?I think it's worth consideration.