This is not a plea for Met ownership to acquire Cliff Lee: Repeat, this is not a plea for Met Ownership to pick up Cliff Lee.I know that Lee might not fit into the plans of Sandy Alderson and to tell you the truth, I am completely fine with that.  With the Brain Trust that is now the Mets Front Office in place, I am willing to watch and wait for the future-I now have confidence and optimism.However, according to all reports, the Yankees are going all out for Lee.  But does Cliff Lee have to go the Yankees?Yea, they could offer him the most money and a shot at winning the Fall Classic year after year.  But once, just once, wouldn't you like to see a player like Lee go to the Rangers instead or any other team for that matter?  I would love to see a pitcher of this caliber refuse to sell his soul to the Yankees.Is it sour grapes?No.I would just like the Yankees to not buy their way into the heart of another player.  And let's face it, that's what their really doing, isn't it?   If Cliff Lee were to spurn them, it would just go to show that the Ranger money is just as green as the money from the Yankees.   Nolan Ryan should throw every kitchen sink he could find to land Lee.  Hell, he should mortgage half the stadium to keep him pitching with a T on his chest.  I hope he can do it.It would be great for the Rangers and equally good for baseball.I'm sure the Yankees could survive.