It appears that the market for AJ isn't what he would like.  While I assumed with Russell Martin getting 2/17 and Mike Napoli getting 3/39, Pierzynski would fall in between, based on current rumors he is not getting the interest he desires. Is it possible that because AJ is such a polarizing figure that he may have to settle for one year with an attainable option based on PA?Would he settle for 1/9+ a 12 million dollar club option with a 3M buyout? That gives you one year of AJ for 12M or 2 years at 21M, certainly a fair market deal for the 37 year old catcher. It would also allow them possibly offer him a qualifying offer following 2013 and obtain a draft pick if he didn't accept the deal. Basically meaning the Mets could go year to year with AJ as long as either were willing.Of course the question would remain, could the Mets even afford such a deal? Although the Mets have forked out cash on Wright it really did nothing to show that they are currently in better financial standing, especially if reports are accurate that Wright deferred 2013 money. However, one thing that intrigues me is why would Wright agree to defer money from 2013 unless he is under the assumption the Mets will indeed spend that money to improve the roster?Lets assume that the Mets trade either Niese or Dickey for an OF. I know that isn't the most popular idea among all fans but I do believe at this point it is a reality. Under that same assumption the Mets will not be trading either for someone who takes up cash. Under that premise they would have money to spend on catcher, BP and another starter like Lannan to fill out the rotation. That BP pitcher could come in the pitching trade. I am well aware that the catcher could as well but in the current market I am afraid the trade demands for catcher outweigh the production delivered.Let me also say that keep in mind according to Metsblog's Matt Cerrone the Mets haven't shown any interest in A.J. Pierzynski and this post is most likely moot.