According to multiple reports the Mets are interested in LHRP Brian Fuentes.  Fuentes has bounced around recently and if I remember correctly was the Mets fall back plan to Krod a few short years ago.   Now it appears Fuentes is trying to take advantage of a crazy market for relievers and is asking for 3/15.  That's a lot of money for a 34 year old.  Lets say he can't get exactly what he wants and has to settle for 2/10 with an option.  That's still pricey.  However, check out the title.  Anyone see where I am going with this?  The Mets can actually save money by bringing in Fuentes.Everyone in the blogging world knows about Krod's contract situation.  We have all counted exactly how many games he needs to make that kick in and many have discussed how to get around it.  Usually that thought is batted down with the dreaded players union comments.  However, if the Mets  bring in a LH Closer to tandem with Krod how could the players union even be an issue?  Could we see a situation where Fuentes gets 20 of Krod's saves thus SAVING the Mets a ton of money?  We know that regardless of Fuentes or not the Mets will have to spend 1-2M on a LHRP so take that cash out.  Thus Fuentes is costing you an extra 8 M.  What's Krod's dangerous option?  17.5 M (3.5M buyout).  So based on my quick math the Mets could actually save around 9.5M (6M after buyout that was gone anyway).This is the type of move I actually expect from Sandy.  Fuentes not only makes the Mets better for 2011 and 2012 but actually saves them money longterm.