Rachel Phelps: I think he'll fit right in with our team concept.Charlie Donovan: That reminds me, I was going to ask you. What exactly *is* our team concept?(From IMBD.com)A lot of heat was thrown at Omar and the Mets for their "overzealous" pursuit of the catcher position.   The Mets were just plain bad in 2009, much because of injury but also because of lousy pitching.   The catcher position by many was considered one of the least important on a laundry list of improvements needed.     Today, it could be argued that the signings of Barajas and Blanco are the most imp0rant moves of the off-season.   Before I start to break down pitching stats, which I believe are directly related to improved game calling and team philosophy, lets look at 2 catcher stats.   The Mets are 1st in the NL in least amount of steals given up at 4 SB.   They are also first in least amount of steals attempted at 8.   Now thing about this, although the Mets still lead the NL in walks they have given up the least amount of SB attempted?Now for the pitching.   Lot of stats here so non-stat minded people beware.
  • Mets are 3rd in pitcher age at 28.1.   I put this up front because the once "old" Mets now have a very young pitching staff that could get younger if the Mets decide to make a move with Maine.
  • 3rd in Runs/Game
  • 4th in ERA
  • 4th in Wins (Yup the Mets are tied for the 4th most wins in the NL)
  • 2nd in Shutouts
  • 1st in innings pitched (that 20 inning game does not help)
  • 1st in least amount of unearned runs given up (only 2 UER the entire season)
  • 2nd in least amount of HR given up
  • 1st in K's (how long has it been since the Mets lead the NL in K's?)
  • 3rd in K/9
  • 5th in H/9
  • 5th in BAA
All while achieving the least amount of SP run support in the NL.While I know it's early, is it a mere coincidence that the Mets bring in two catchers known for their game calling ability and the Mets staff becomes a strength?   I think not.While hot bats can carry you for a while, strong SP allows you to go on winning streaks.   If the Mets continue to pitch well and the bats get going to they could be in great shape to compete for the playoffs.   Just as many of us expected them to do.   It's early... but it's also hard not to be excited.