The Mets have dropped two more series since last week.   Is it still possible to be optimistic? Just in case you think I'm crazy, here's a positive post from Mike Silva that reinforces some of what I've been saying.Of course it is.   For starters, Jacobs can no longer bat 4th or 5th, since he's been designated for assignment.   This already makes the lineup better, even if Manuel countered with batting Cattalanotto cleanup last night. The big news is that the Mets are talking about bringing up Ike Davis this week today.   While it's hard to believe this doesn't make the offense better, what's really going to make the offense better is when Jose Reyes and Jason Bay and Pagan and Castillo break out of their mini-slumps and start hitting around their career numbers again.  The offense has been the main culprit.   Maine hasn't been good in the rotation, but if the lineup was clicking, or Manuel and HoJo thought about preaching patience a little bit against Wainwright, they could've won that game, or some of the other games where the pitching was only okay.   Let's see how Maine does with hopefully a little more arm strength off throwing 115 pitches last night.   Jose Reyes looks like he's about ready to get going, and Jason Bay is said to be streaky anyway.   Angel Pagan has started to pick it up off his slower start when he was platooning, and if Jerry gets him in their almost everyday and stops burying him down in the lineup, maybe he can drive in a couple more runs on this homestand.  However, the biggest problem seems to be (besides the manager) that the team isn't clicking as a unit.   This is just bad luck, and it's why even championship teams occasionally go 4-8 during a long season.   The pressure put on this team was rediculous; For all that underdog talk with the silly prediction around the league, everyone still seems to have expected the Mets to have to get off to a fast start.   Well they didn't.   This doesn't make the season over.   A winning home stand puts them right back into the fight.   Break it down however you want to, but if players play to their capabilities there is no reason why the Mets can't have a winning record over the next 10 games.   They just need to go out and do it, and allow Omar to fix the 1B situation and evaluate what else needs to be done.