The Future is Bright The Future is Bright The first "half"  of the season has given us lots of reasons to feel optimistic.David Wright has shaken off any ill effects from last year, and continues to be one of the best players in the league.Jose Reyes, recent oblique issues aside, has been on the field and starting to return to the Jose Reyes that can dominate a game.Angel Pagan has shaken off his 4th OF status and has become a very key piece to this team.Mike Pelfrey has struggled in his last couple of starts, but he's very obviously taken the next step in development and has become a solid pitcher.Johan Santana is a second half pitcher, and has already started to turn it up a notch.Carlos Beltran is returning.   I know he'll still have a bone bruise or two, but he did play on them last year as well, so I suspect he'll be just fine.   He's certainly an upgrade over Jeff Francoeur.The relievers have been up and down, but there appears to be enough talent there to get the job down, once Manuel decides on roles and who to trust when.Jonathon Niese has looked really solid, particularly since returning from his brief DL stint.   He's smart, reliable, and crafty.   I don't know that he has a chance to fight for rookie of the year against Heyward and Strasburg (and Ike!), but he'll certainly be exciting to watch.Despite playing so-so baseball over the last couple of weeks, the Mets are in position to make the playoffs.   The division and the wild card are both within reach.    The Braves have looked very good, but it's not likely that they'll be able to run away and win 95 or more games.   The Mets will be in this until the end, and there is a lot of divisional play in September.     Whether or not they make the playoffs is fully within their control.