Doing my morning reading and I took a trip over to the ole blog.  I came across a post by Matt Cerrone... hear me out.  

If you happen to work for or own the Mets, and you’re reading this, know that most fans are waiting for action, not words. We’ve been hearing about 2014 since the day Sandy Alderson was hired. The World Series — or even a postseason appearance — was not promised, but it has been signaled time and again that this winter — when significant money comes off the books — is when meaningful improvements will be made… and we’re waiting.

We don’t want to hear about it. We want to see it. Every fanbase hopes for better days, but Mets management has set expectations in public that it’s about to happen and now us fans expect it. This is the bed the team has made, and I hope they realize it…

Man did he ever nail it.  Stop talking about what you are going to do or the fact that you have this or that.  No one cares anymore.  You set this expectation now go out and take care of business.

One good ole saying of you made your bed... deserves another.  Crap or get off the pot.