Chris Capuano proved to be much better than mediocre tonight.  Going a strong 7 innings only allowing 1 run, 6 hits, 2 walks while striking out 4 for his 2nd win of the season.  Chris now owns 33% of the Mets wins this season.   I actually like the way that Capuano goes about his game he really seems to have a plan for each batter and knows how to get them out.  Unfortunately he does not always have the talent to do so.  Sounds like the Mets.  But hey, lets stay positive.  Both Chris and the Mets looked good for at least one cold April night.Jason Bay was back tonight, big news for sure.  It's been a long time and the lineup certainly seemed to click with him in there.   He even scored an inside the parker (ruled an error on Pence).  With their new found offense the Mets pounded the Astros with 3 HR: Wright (3), Davis (2) and Nickeas (1, first of career).  They also added 3 doubles to the mix.  Timely hitting also produced 9 runs with only 8 hits with David Wright and Ike Davis both logging rare 2 out RBI.  The Mets only left 1 runner on base all night.Wright came out of his slump in normal David fashion going 2/3 with a 2B, HR, 2 Runs and 3 RBI.  I guess two days of LH pitching will do that for him.  Especially when Happ was chucking meat all night. 4. 2 innings 6 ER.Much to the chagrin of some of my fellow bloggers, Angel Pagan was removed from the game with an angry muscle in his side.  I guess now he does not get to be a pain in theirs.   It appeared that he blew a hit to CF earlier in the game, of course it also appeared Harris did the same.  The wind seemed to be a culprit all night as it almost got Harris again in the 8th.You know it's interesting, the Mets dominated this game for the most part with good pitching, timely hitting and and a couple of big double plays initiated by Capuano.  However, I did not notice any more heart, fire, grit, intensity than the night before.  I know some of my fellow bloggers will say they caught fire because Collins did.  Honestly, no.  They were just better than a bad team tonight.  Nothing to do with any of those catch phrases we like to throw out when a team wins.   Am I saying heart, grit, hustle and chemistry don't matter?  Nope.  They matter tremendously but lets not say that the Mets won to night and lost last night due to any of them.For a much more coherent and detailed report visit:Wright, Capuano shine in Bay's season debutTomorrow the Mets see if they can have one of those winning streak thingies that people talk about with a 7:10 match up vs the Dbacks. Featuring 2 starting pitchers that have a combined ERA of over 16 (and no not all of it is Pelfrey!)Saunders shoots for first win vs. Pelfrey, Mets