Last night, I was in attendance as the Brooklyn Cyclones played a game and a half against the Auburn Doubledays, so I thought I'd share some thoughts on what I saw.  I wasn't overly impressed with the talent on the team, which I expected judging by their disappointing record this year.  Last year they had an incredible pitching staff that carried the team, guys like Lara, Gnoa, Robles, Mateo, etc.  Also, in past years they had great offensive players to lead the team (Muno, Taijeron in 2011 and Ceciliani, Vaughn in 2012), but they just don't have that this year.  That being said, there are some interesting guys on the roster:Position players:L.J. Mazzilli - he looks and plays a little like his father.  He has a nice level swing; one his he had was a line drive double to the left field corner and another was an inside out blooper to right field.  He should be better than his stat line this year suggests.  Defensively, he made a couple mental mistakes by trying to make plays when he should have just put the ball in his pocket.Matt Oberste - he looks the part of a 1B.  For a big guy he moves fairly well, and made a nice sliding catch in foul territory. Similar draft position to Jayce Boyd, so it'll be interesting to see how he fairs in the SAL next year.Jared King - has a few nice tools that probably average.  Has a nice swing and runs pretty well, but I'm not sue if there's a lot of home run power, but he's a switch hitter that can hit to all fields and could become a good doubles hitter.  I doubt he's an everyday player in the big leagues, but a useful bench piece isn't out of the quesiton.Anthony Chavez - the 20 year old third baseman was intriguing. He's a tall, lengthy athlete that runs pretty well and still has a lot of room to fill out.  He's played a little SS in the past, but with Cecchini and Evans being around the same level, he probably sticks at 3B, where he made a couple nice plays as well as one or two less than great plays.  His swing is a little long, but he ripped a nice double last night and I'm going to make sure I keep an eye on him.Patrick Biondi - was a little disappointing.  He's small, but he runs well and has a decent arm for his size.  He could be a high OBP guy cause he works counts well, but he lacks strength in the batter's box.Tomas Nido and Colton Plaia - two catchers with a ways to go, but both look well put together physically, especially Plaia who's older, but with Nido he looks pretty strong for a kid who just turned 19 and you can see why the Mets liked him to buy him out of his commitment to FSU last year.Alex Sanchez and Julio Concepcion - were what I thought they were be: big guys with some raw power who haven't put it together yet. There's a little too much uppercut in their swings, but both gave a ball a good ride to the warning track at some point.Pitchers:Kevin McGowan - wasn't impressive.  He's 6'6'' but doesn't throw that hard for his size.  He definitely has the kind of polish you'd expect from a college pitcher, but he stuff was fringy.  He threw a few nice change ups against lefties, but he has no real put away pitch and had some control issues at times.Tim Peterson - too good for the New York Penn League, did struggle a little in Savannah this year, but that's where he should be.Dario Alvarez - I wish I knew his story, he pitched in the DSL with the Phillies in 2009 and then disappeared until this season, so he's 24, which is old for this league, but he's intriguing.  He's a hard throwing lefty.  There was no radar gun, but it felt like he was sitting 92-94.  He has a 3/4 deliver and his fastball naturally tails away from righties and in to lefties, but he didn't shy away from throwing inside to righties and trying to hit the inside corner at the knees or lower.  He flashed a back door curve to righties, which was good enough to work at this level, and he might have thrown a couple good change ups, but I would prefer him to have a hard late-breaking slider or cutter.  If he can develop one of those pitches to go along with his fastball, he could move quickly through the system as a lefty reliever.  If he was younger he'd be someone to watch.Darwin Frias - small but looks confident on the mound.  I don't know why his numbers aren't better because he struck out 5 of the 6 batters he faced.  His fastball is average, but had a nice slider, which was his out pitch, both looking and swinging.  When he threw it for a strike it was up in the zone, which can be a problem, but when he got ahead in the count he threw it row and away to induce hitters to chase it.I didn't get to see Gavin Cecchini or some of the pitchers that I really like on this team like John Gant or Akeel Morris, but of the guys I did see it's hard to pick out a guy that I think will play in the big leagues, but there are at least a handful of interesting prospects.