I know, this is a Mets blog. That being said, the Mets’ series with the Phillies is excuse enough to explore the true old-school-ness of Cole Hamels. Curt Schilling weighed in on the subject, saying that Cole “couldn’t hold my jock strap,” so we can’t be quite sure on which side of the “is Cole Hamels old school?” debate he stands. That being said, I wonder if Curt has considered these clearly old-school moves Cole has pulled in the past…Does he know, for instance, that Cole Hamels has his own website, www.colehamels.com? Does he know that the website’s inspirational tagline is “it is the journey, not the destination?”Does he know that, on this website, one can find baby pictures of Cole? Perhaps he wants to see Cole at 11 months old. No? What about at 5 years old playing soccer? Still no? Too bad. Here they are.When things get tough, Curt can remind himself that there are old schoolers like Cole out there, doing the dirty work. Like here, where he has generously posted professionally taken photos of him and his wife. (Disclaimer: his wife is a 10.)Perhaps Curt wants to feel a bit more old-school himself. He can do that simply by donning a Cole Hamels 2008 World Series MVP T-Shirt, available on Cole Hamels’ own website for an eminently reasonable $75.00. Old-school.Maybe Curt is just envious of Cole’s old-school, work-hard attitude. For instance, when random human Craig Robinson asked on Twitter “am I the only one working today? The city is dead,” Cole took it upon himself to respond via his foundation’s twitter:
“You are working? ha!”
But Cole does put in the hours. When on his way to filming a commercial for ABC on November 9th, Cole tweeted about just having spilled Gatorade on his shirt. Not to be deterred, Cole’s follow-up tweet stated simply:
“depending on how bad it looks on camera, may have to run over to Saks”
Saks…where all old-school ballplayers shop. Hope you’re listening, Curt.Not only does Cole have old-school taste in fashion, he has it in music as well. Though I admittedly cannot be sure that this hails from his real Twitter account, Cole tweeted on November 24th, 2009:
“yes i have heard of justin beiber he is really talented...=)”
If this mountain of evidence doesn’t convince Curt that Cole is a bastion of old-school ‘tude, perhaps this gritty, no-nonesense photo will…Thanks, Cole. You are the man. Don't let anyone, especially people who are both knowledgable and have opinions, tell you otherwise.