Will Omar connect the dots and bring Met fans a Merry Christmas?Much like TRS86 has done in his post Figgins off the market?, I will take a look at what is being said in other cities about other players, and try to postulate how it might impact the Mets. John Lackey is covered in the Figgins post so we will tackle other players below.-----Roy Halladay: According to Jordan Bastian of mlb.com, Toronto Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos' focus since taking over that role has been to strengthen the farm system.   Two points in the article stood out to me.   1, Anthopoulos is satisfied that he has a talented group of young starting pitchers to build around.   2, he believes they need to improve the organization from a position player standpoint.   Bastian hypothesizes:   "With that in mind, Toronto will likely target some top position-player prospects in any trade talks involving ace Roy Halladay."As Met fans I believe that means if we hope for the Mets to acquire Halladay, we better have and be prepared to part with high quality position player prospects.What's up, Doc?Matt Holliday & Joel Pineiro: According to Matthew Leach of mlb.com, the St. Louis Cardinals' entire off-season hinges on whether they re-sign Holliday or not.   In Leach's opinion, if the Cards bring Holliday back quickly, their offense is basically set.   If negotiations drag out, or they fail to re-sign him, the Cards will have to bolster their offense with improvements at both LF and 3B.   Regarding starting pitchers, Leach says "The top three starters are settled and under contract: Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright and Kyle Lohse. The fifth is likely to come from in-house, someone like Jaime Garcia or Mitchell Boggs. But a veteran No. 4 is the second item on the shopping list (after Holliday)."This impacts the Mets in a number of ways, the most obvious of which is that should the Cards re-sign Holliday he won't be available to the Mets.   The more subtle way is, if Leach is correct in that signing Holliday would end the Cards' pursuit of hitters, they would be one less team competing with the Mets for remaining free agent bats.   Also, Leach adds that the Cards prefer a short-term solution to the their # 4 starter, and nothing would be shorter than the 1-year contract Joel Pineiro would receive from them should he accept arbitration.   Should he accept, that eliminates Pineiro from consideration by the Mets for their rotation.This photo of Pineiro giving up a HR is what we call "subliminal"Bengie Molina: According to John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle, the Giants' front office staff has spent the days leading up to next week's GM meetings in Indianapolis figuring out who their starting catcher will be in 2010.   Apparently it won't be Bengie Molina or Buster Posey.   "General manager Brian Sabean said the front office had a 'raging debate' over whether Posey would be the No. 1 catcher, adding, 'We came to the overall conclusion it would be a tall order to ask him to do that. He just hasn't played a lot.'   Molina, who hit .278 and averaged 18 homers and 85 RBIs in his three years as a Giant, and his representatives made it clear he 'doesn't have an appetite for a one-year deal. So it's pretty much a moot point,' said Sabean, who would have wanted Molina with a one-year deal."Despite the fact that the Mets have signed catchers Chris Coste and Henry Blanco this week, multiple media reports suggest the Mets are still searching for a catcher.   That effects the Mets two ways.   It means one less suitor for Molina, but competition for some of the other catchers still available.   One also wonders if the Giants believe, despite his 2009 cup of coffee, that uber-prospect Posey is not ready, do the Mets believe Josh Thole is ready?"Trust me, they'll overpay you," whispers Cora to Molina