"Win me!"Thursday Update: You have to be in it to win it! Please send your submissions along if you'd like a chance to win this great book. Everyone (once registered) is eligible!Skyhorse Publishing has been gracious enough to provide us with not only this enthralling description of Faith and Fear in Flushing, but also with three copies of the book to give away to our contest winners. You can check out Greg Prince’s blog here, and you can watch/listen to a certain Gary Cohen on every SNY Mets broadcast, who wrote an afterward for the book.Contest details:Imagine a world where John Sterling was the radio announcer for the Mets (gasp!). That may send chills down your spine, but Sterling’s home-run calls are undeniably over-the-top fun. We’d like to see if you can come up with some Sterling-esque home-run calls of your own, for our very own Metsies! For this contest we’ll use David Wright as our guinea pig. Use all of your brain power to come up with the most creative, over the top, pun-filled, and clever home-run call for David Wright!You can send your submission to adam@nleastchatter.com with the subject line "Contest Entry". Please include your username (yes, you must be registered with NLEastChatter/TRDMB to win!), first name, hometown, and contact info (a valid email address is fine) in your entry. All submissions must be sent by 8:00pm, Tuesday June 30 and the winners will be revealed the following day. Get to work readers, and good luck! (please limit one submission per user)Disclaimer: International fans are welcome to participate in the contest, but shipping fees would apply to any international winners.