With reports that the Mets and Sandy Alderson are "getting close" to scheduling an interview. Could hiring Alderson as the GM be enough to lure Tony La Russa to consider managing the Mets in 2011?Sandy Alderson who was GM of the Oakland A's from 1983 through 1997 has a history with Tony La Russa that saw La Russa manage the A's from 1986 through 1995. Winning 3 pennants and 1 World Series Championship in that time.After the passing of former A's owner Walter A. Haas, Jr. new owner Stephen Schott believed to not want La Russa back after the 1995 season allowed La Russa to see if another team was interested in him. Eventually he signed with the St Louis Cardinals.Alderson meanwhile who was told by the new ownership that he would be back for 1996 said that  working with someone besides La Russa next season would be a "challenge," especially given the close working relationship they have.Now with La Russa this week wondering if it's time to move on with quotes of  "I think it is an issue. Fifteen years is a long time for one guy in one place," and "I think one of the biggest issues is the length of time in one place. At some point, enough's enough." maybe New York might be the challenge he seeks especially if Alderson is in the front office as GM.Reports are that the Cardinals want him back for 1 more year. A contract similar to what he had this season. Tony La Russa said he should know by the end of next week if he will tell the Cardinals to "go forward with me or without me."So could a Alderson/La Russa reunion be what the Mets need?