I just read this interesting piece from the wonderful USS Mariner. Basically, the Seattle  Mariners trade Erik Bedard and Jarrod Washburn who are FA's after this year to the Milwaukee Brewers for J.J. Hardy who is under control through 2010. Dave Cameron suggests:
So the team is faced with a scenario where it should trade Bedard and Washburn for players that will be around past this season, but also should be looking to keep the 2009 team competitive. The solution? J.J. Hardy.
Since the Mets are in a similar scenario, I began to think what type of plan Omar Minaya could come up with. According to Detroit Tiger Thoughts latest Elias Rankings calculations, the current Mets who could be Type A/B after this season are:
  • Brian Schneider (B)
  • Carlos Delgado (A)
  • Gary Sheffield (B)
  • Billy Wagner (A)
  • J.J. Putz (B)
  • Fernando Tatis (Almost a  B)
We can eliminate Delgado, Wagner and Putz from this discussion, since none will be healthy before the trade deadline and thus defeats the purpose of the acquiring team. That leaves Schneider, Sheffield and Tatis as potential trade candidates.One team that may match-up is the Chicago Cubs and Derrek Lee. Lee is a gold-glove 1B who is under contract through 2010. The Cubs  have rookie Micah Hoffpauir and 3B prospect Josh Vitters to replace Lee at first base. With Geovany Soto on the DL for at least a month, Lou Pinella recently let out that the Cubs are looking to add a catcher from outside the organization.Maybe the Cubs would consider trading Schneider and a prospect  for Lee. The Cubs get a much needed starting catcher and unload some cash, while the Mets get a first baseman for the next two years. Omar Minaya sent Ramon Castro to the White Sox, it's only fair that he now send Brian Schneider to the Cubs.I'll look for some more possible trade candidates. What do you think?