With the Yankees roster having been depleted by karma and the gods of baseball they have came into need of something the Mets have, LH players that can play the corner OF position or corner IF positions. My first thought is at least the Yankees have something to worry about.  My second thought is how could this benefit the Mets?With Wilmer Flores hopefully making gains on the 2B position many on TRDM have discussed Murphy's potential availability   Duda, while many of us may be torn on his offensive potential we all agree that 1B is his least bad defensive position and his ultimate future on the team is in question.Could the Mets and the Yankees be a fit?  The Mets currently are in need of OF, of course,  so no help there really from the Yankees.  However, they do have a disgruntle bullpen pitcher who cries for a change of scenery.  The Great Joba.  Chamberlain will be a FA at the end of the year and has expressed a desire to start again.  The Yankees do not seem to be interested in him starting.  While I have no idea if he could start or not it wouldn't hurt to try him in that position early and still have him as a bullpen arm later or something useful in a trade at the deadline.Murphy's salary has already jumped to 3M for 2013 and I would be surprised to see the Mets commit more than that next year for his services.  As for Duda, we know all the issues there.  To me this seems like a logical fit.  Would the Yankees and Mets get together on something like this?  Most likely not.  However it has happened before.  Besides, other than Cowgill what else do I have to talk about right now.?