We all heard the rumors yesterday speaking of Kelvim Escobar's apparent elbow discomfort...but a tweet from hardball (NBC Sports) writer Craig Calcaterra is notable more distressing. Craig tweets "Just heard that Kelvim Escobar may be in worse shape than reported yesterday. Can't pick up a ball; could be seriously injured."If I may play the psychologist for the Mets' fan base for a moment... After the incredible rash of injuries last season for the Mets, it's our first and natural reaction to freak out when we hear of any player feeling less than 100%. However, there's also a second reaction, a backlash of the first, if you will. The second reaction goes something like "Because of last season, we're all freaking out way too much regarding these minor potential injuries. We need to calm down, everything will be fine." The second reaction is an overcompensation, and may be just as far away from realism as the initial freak-out. So let's get real. Escobar could be injured - elbow discomfort isn't something to gawk at - it could be significant, or it may not be. But we shouldn't be in denial, claiming that it's normal for someone coming back from a surgery and that he'll be fine. We just don't know.Added to by TRS86:   From Metsblog:   "According to Adam Rubin of the Daily News, Johan Santana said he recently played catch with Kelvim Escobar, and reports Escobar is unable to grip a baseball are not true.Does Twitter ever frustrate you?