This one is for you TX.In a post in the NYP from Mike Puma today way down at the bottom there was this little tidbit.  Something Puma obviously stole from our readers here.
More subtly, Alderson also might see if there’s any outside interest in disappointing Jason Bay, who is still owed $19 million. If the Angels are willing to eat a sizable chunk of the $42 million Vernon Wells still has coming, maybe the Mets can find a dance partner.
Wells is coming off two very poor seasons with a slash line of:
I don't need to post Bay's stats for us to know they are similar.  Where the numbers change is the fact that Wells is owed twice what Bay is owed.  In my opinion for this to work the Angels have to be desperate to get rid of Wells.  I would propose the following trade IF this is something they are interested in.Vernon Wells, Hank Conger, and 10 million for Jason Bay, Frank Francisco.So what would this do?  It solves CF until prospects are ready and provides the Mets a 24 year old switch hitting catcher to pair with Thole.  The money would be the Angels paying 32.5M instead of 42M.  On the Mets end they would then also be paying around 32M instead of 22.5M but would solve the catching issue while also freeing up so much needed cash in 2013 if the 10M was applied to this year's budget.I hope I made that clear enough...Thoughts?