Don't let this be misleading.  There are only 4 Type A's who were offered arbitration left on the market.  Beltre obviously makes no sense so you can strike that one.The remaining 3 are Pavano, Soriano and Balfour.I am not sure that Type A status will effect Pavano that much.  I believe he will get 2-3 years from someone in this pitching starved market regardless of his status.However, can the same be said for Soriano and Balfour?  There are reports on MLBTR that even the Yankees don't like the idea of giving up a 1st rounder for either of these two.  What does that mean?  A) The system is completely broken and if I was part of the MLBPA I would spend an incredible amount of energy in ridding baseball of that system.  Players are already starting to see this and requesting contracts that do not allow the signing team to offer arbitration, see Beltran. B) The Mets due to general suckitude would not lose their 1st rounder in signing either one due to their pick being protected.Thus could the Mets say sign Balfour to a 2 year decent deal and then in turn trade him at the deadline for prospects worth more than the 2nd rounder they would be giving up?  Obviously Soriano would cost more and I am not sure how much his price will be based on his status but it could still be a shrewd move.   Seems really to be an Oakland A's type of move, hmmm.