Time to take another look at the NL Cy Young award race.Despite losing his last two decisions, our man R.A. Dickey has continued to pitch well.  He now leads the National League in ERA, and is second in WHIP behind Clayton Kershaw.  He is also one K behind Kershaw for the league lead.  Can he get to 20 wins?  Depends upon if the Mets lineup can figure out how to score more than 2 runs in a ballgame, or if R.A. can simply toss two more complete game shutouts.  No problem.Johnny Cueto, who appeared to be Dickey's primary competition for the Cy Young has dropped off a bit lately.  His ERA is still a nice 2.92, however.Kershaw, despite his W-L record has made some inroads.  When Felix Hernandez won the 2010 Cy Young award with a 13-12 record, it signaled a new era in baseball - one in which a starting pitcher's wins and losses have been (correctly) pushed aside in favor of  statistics that better reflect a pitcher's performance.  With that in mind, Kershaw has a real opportunity to steal the award away from Dickey. Full Disclosure: After I posted this, I just read that Kershaw is injured and may be out for the season.  Soooo...never mind.And don't count out Gio Gonzalez.  He's held opponents to a .207 batting average, and will be counted on to be Washington's ace heading into the playoffs.Matt Cain and Kyle Lohse also have a shot at bringing home the Cy if they finish strong.Hopefully, for us Mets fans, R.A. can race to the finish and close the deal.  It would be a nice morale booster in an otherwise gloomy season. 
1Kershaw, CLAD1292.73030206157532060.2121.02
2Dickey, RNYM1862.673130212171502050.2231.04
3Cain, MSF1452.932929199165451770.2271.05
4Lohse, KSTL1532.713131199179361290.2371.08
5Bumgarner, MSF15103.263030198174461810.2341.11
6Hamels, CPHI1563.062828197172491920.2351.12
7Gonzalez, GWSH1982.953030186140721960.2071.14