All kidding aside,  anywhere Murphy is besides the batter box is a nightmare.  Sometimes, the way he plays first base I'm convinced that  he's either going to get hurt or hurt someone else.  Yea I understand that this kid could really hit but the Mets have a real problem here.  What's going to happen when Ike Davis comes off the DL?  Where are the Mets going to put Murphy?  I hope they're not considering second base because that would be a big mistake.The Butcher, as I have named Murphy, seems to make an error either on the base pads or playing defense at least once every three games.The last two have been back to back and you could make the argument that it cost the Mets both games.I understand that playing first base is a position that sometimes requires very little thought, the ball gets hit to the shortstop and Murphy puts his glove out.  But when David Wright is having some problems slinging that ball across the diamond and Murphy has an issue catching it after it bounces TWICE to get to him(during the last Marlin series), I think maybe Murphy should come off the bench and just hit for the pitcher.  Let's not mention the time when he almost hurt himself or Izzy when he misplayed a grounder and dove into first base.I think the problem is simple:  the Mets like Murphy- everyone likes Murphy but Murphy can't play the field.  Like Kieth Hernandez said last night, Murphy has no "baseball instincts" and it's going to cost the Mets some games.I just don't want to see Murphy taking Justine Turner's spot at second base.  I like Turner and he can play.Thoughts?And by the way, I'm referring to Dan Murphy as the Butcher from this point on.