Y'know Spring Training is supposed to be a fun and exciting to watch.  It's also supposed to be a time when you really can't get angry or upset because the games and stats don't count.That's how I felt until yesterday's press conference when Terry Collins announced that Daniel Murphy, aka "The Butcher", was going to be the Opening Day Second Baseman.That's when the T.V.  remote went flying across the room and I announced to the empty house I was sitting in that I just witnessed the first mistake of the 2012 season.I'm tired of this story.  Years ago I wrote about how the Mets were killing themselves putting Oliver Perez on the mound every fifth start.  I hated Perez with every fiber of my soul and wrote about it every chance I could.  I now again  I find myself writing the same type of story -this time it's about the incompetence of their second baseman.   The only difference is: I like Daniel Murphy.I love the way he approaches the game.I love his work ethicI love the way he hits.And obviously so do the Mets.But I don't care whether is Tim Teufel or Roberto Alomar, no one can teach Murphy how to play second base at the major league level.  I said it last year and I'll say it again.  Either Daniel Murphy is going to get hurt playing the position or he is going to hurt someone else due to his lack of baseball skills.  He hurt himself last year being out of position  around the bag-  you think that a couple of weeks with Tueful is going to change that?Hey, I hope I'm wrong.But if you know baseball, and if your a Met fan so I know you do, than you know just as much as I do that this kid can't play the infield!Why is it that every year the Mets have to have an experiment going at one position?I hope they have a back up.Because the one from last year is now at Short Stop.What do you think?  Are you ready for another year of this?