I'm about to scare the hell out of you.  The bases are loaded with Phillies in the ninth inning at Citi Field.  Chase Utley just drew a walk.   He is sitting  on first base licking his chops and getting ready for one of his classic take out slides.   The Mets are up by a run and are a double play away from putting the game "in the books."  And then it happens..An  easy ground ball to Reyes that's a little in the hole.  Reyes makes a nice stab and slings it over to...Dan Murphy covering second base.Your kidding me right?Two nights ago, while I was watching Mets Hot Stove, I saw Tim Tuefel instructing Murphy on how to turn a double play.  This is going to be the second basemen of the Mets?  A guy, who already suffered a knee  injury last year because he failed to get out of the way of a takeout slide?   A player who still needs time  to learn the position?  C'on!  Let's a get serious here!Look, I like Dan Murphy, he's a good, young player with a nice bat.  But why are the Mets still experimenting with him?  Right, because he doesn't have a position!  And guess what, he still doesn't have one because Second Base isn't the solution either.  Honestly, if I'm Brad Emaus, Rubin Tejada or Luis Castillo and I lose the second base job this year to Murphy, I'm getting out of baseball. And if you think I'm crazy, who would you rather have playing second base in a sitation when game is on the line?  In my opinion, not Murphy.  Sorry.What really scares me the most is that Terry Collins comes out with the statement that second base is an "offensive position".  That tells me that he is getting ready to justify the Murphy job. Chase Utley must be foaming at the mouth.I would.