When asked "What do you think of the current Mets, who seem to battle never-ending injuries?" during a Q&A by the NY Times Vincent M. Mallozzi. Former NY Mets Manager Davey Johnson said,"It’s unfortunate, especially when you lose your shortstop and your center fielder. But you have to battle through it and get guys like Angel Pagan and Gary Matthews Jr. to step up, and it looks like they’ve been doing that. In ’87, the year after we won the World Series, injuries killed us. I had all five of my starters and our reliever Roger McDowell out for a few months at a time, and Darryl Strawberry went into rehab that year, but we still managed to win 92 games."-It's always nice to see Davey but it would be nice if one day he is brought back home as a senior adviser for the New York Mets.