David Wright has been our guy since he was called up. He is our superstar, our face of the franchise. Yes, he might drive us crazy sometimes with the strikeouts or the errant throws from third, but he is still David Wright.It hurt last off-season when I got the news that Jose Reyes was gone. I knew it was inevitable, and yet when I found out it was still sad. I have gotten so attached to the homegrown Mets, especially Wright and Reyes. The front office let one go and I refuse to let the Mets ship away the other one. I don’t care that Wright hasn’t been the player he was in his early years, I want him to be a Met for the duration of his career.I was in favor of the Mets moving Beltran, and it worked out for them, getting a young pitching prospect in return. However I draw the line with Wright. I see a positive future with the way the team is being built and Wright is in the middle of that future I picture.The Mets have recently called up many young players who have had and hopefully will continue to have success. Many of the recent successful call-ups have been hitters. There is another wave of young Mets predominantly pitchers who seem to have a bright future almost ready to join the big club. So with all these young players and theoretically a lot of salary room (assuming the Wilpons will take out the wallet) there is lot of hope for the team, as early as next year.At 29 years old, I think Wright still has a lot more good baseball in him. If I were the Mets I would try to lock him up for five or six years right now. His last three seasons have been very up and down, but they have all shown at some point why he is and should continue to be the face of the team.If the Mets only do one move this season, I hope it will be a commitment to a player who has a commitment to them for many years. I’m confident Wright will return to the great player everyone knows he is this season. Lets hope that the Mets will do the right thing and sign him now when he still wants to be in NY. I don’t want the Mets to be frozen out once again when one of our guys hits free agency, like what happened to Reyes last winter.