It's a amazing what one game could do.  In one day, we suddenly have two players that could play first, a shortstop that could hit and a pitcher who could be 50 years old and actually throwing a good game and hitting at the plate.

Yea I know it was just the Marlins.

Matt Harvey wants to rehab with the Mets,  I can't see why this is a problem, however, you know what Alderson  might be thinking.  If Harvey does it, then anyone can and next thing you know you have 10 extra players running around Citi Field.  

I think this is the job for the Captain.  David Wright might have to sit down with Harvey and explain how things are done.  As I see it, Wright has a better chance of sticking with the Mets in the next 5 years than Harvey.  

Today's Question:  Is this Matt Harvey thing getting out of control?  Are the Mets handling him the correct way?