I stole this from Metsblog this morning in a story about Collin Cowgill.  This quote from the likely starting CF was intriguing.  Is it just lip-service or does Wright finally feel comfortable being more of a vocal leader in the clubhouse?  We saw it last year at times and while we never know what happens in the clubhouse I could see examples of Wright starting to assume the leadership role but I won't say that he always looked comfortable doing so.  More like the I should say something but is it my place look.  With this comment and with Terry's backing of Wright even being named captain has that time finally come?  There's going to be a lot of pressure for Wright to offensively live up to his contract but we all know that contract wasn't JUST for offensive production or even production on the field for that matter.  It was to be the captain, leader and face of the franchise.  How much is that worth?  I would say in the long-run about exactly what the Mets pay him.Boomer posted this below but after reading the story I thought it belonged up here as well:NY Mets 3B David Wright befriends war veteran Felix Perez during World Baseball Classic