Andy McCullough of The Star-Ledger was at David Wright’s second annual Vegas Night for CHKD where he spent some time with Wright and family. Here are just a few excerpts from today's article. A more lengthy feature will be in in tomorrow's paper.
Wright on his legacy: “I’ve never been one that wanted to make every last dollar that I could playing this game. I’m obviously very fortunate where if God forbid I got hurt tomorrow, I should be OK financially. But now it’s gotten to the point where, really, hopefully I’m at my midway point.
"I’ve never been one that had a need or a want for attention," he said. "If I go somewhere, I kind of like to try to blend in as much as possible, just be a typical 29-year-old. But the charity thing, that hit me early on . . . especially with this cause, with CHKD, the children’s hospital down here. I always read about, heard about stories growing up, whether it be through friends or reading in the paper about kids that had these minor miracles at CHKD. I was always fascinated by this hospital."I got to the point where I was drafted. Didn’t necessarily have the means to put on events like this. I went and visited kids. They got a kick out of a Mets player coming to visit them. I gained some relationships with some of the kids, that I still keep in touch with some of them today. And once I able to kind of do events like this, then it was no-brainer, that’s kind of what I wanted to focus on."
Hundreds roll the dice to support CHKD: