I'll begin sweating this week.David Wright signed a nice big fat contract last week that's going to make him a Met for the rest of his days.  To me, that was a "gimme," the golf ball you pick up an inch away from the cup, the slam dunk.I mean, really, here was Wright who just needed to see the love from the front office and got it...Thank God. Because you know as well as I do that if Wright and the Mets couldn't reach and agreement then we would be trouble...real trouble.  And not because they would need a third baseman a year from now, but because it would mean that Wright didn't want to play in New York and to me, that would be a big problem.  R.A Dickey is supposed to be next on the docket for Alderson...hopefully that gets done as well.However, now the real off season begins...watching Alderson try to pick up a couple of outfielders, some bullpen pitchers, and a catcher on a limited budget.   Yesterday I raised this issue in the Sunday Question, the outfielder in question being free agent Shane Victorino. Hey, I would like to see Victorino track down some balls in the gap but you know as well as I do that he's got to see some money and maybe even a couple of years to get him into orange and blue.  And seriously, if a guy like Russell Martin can get 17 million from the Pirates (which by the way was too pricey for the Yankees) to be their backstop, how much flexibility does Alderson have?Because you know as well as I do that the Mets are going to be exactly the same next year, if not worse, if Alderson can't get help; and if you think Citi Field was a ghost town last year in September, this year we might as well name it Boot Hill.