Here we are just days from Opening Day, a time of optimism, a time to make a new and what do we have?  Davis and Duda on the same team again.  Not only that but it appears they both will make that Opening Day roster and both be part of a platoon with Josh Satin facing the LH.  Exactly how is this supposed to work?

For one, the Mets have to do what is best for the Mets.  That is their first concern.  Platooning is already hard for a guy used to everyday playing time.  Factor in that a guy like Davis is a high rhythm guy meaning he needs consistent PA to even think about getting in a groove.  It also appears that Duda is a confidence guy as well.  How do you justify giving Duda the day off after he did well or benching him after a bad day?  Finally, carrying Duda on the roster most likely means that we will see him in the OF again at some point which makes even Daniel Murphy turn his eyes away.  How can any of this be good for the Mets on the field, in the clubhouse or in the fans or media's eyes?  Especially to start a season in which we are supposed to be seeing progrees?

Second, this is just bad for Ike Davis and Lucas Duda.  While I really don't care for either that much as baseball players, they are players who have at times shown the ability to play the game at a high level.  Keeping both on the team isn't fair to either or Satin.  While I know some will say they all 3 are AAAA players or barely major leaguers, I still don't think it's fair to keep all three.  At least one should be set free to see if he can obtain a true position.

Third,  I can't help but think that you get what you give and this is a bad precedent.  How many instances have you heard of a 3 man 1B platoon?  This is a distraction and a media nightmare.  We know that this front office is not guided by fan whim.  However, trotting out a 3 man platoon and forcing us to see Duda in the OF can't be good for business.  While competition is good, having it during the season in a platoon is ridiculous.  It is unfortunate that both were injured during Spring Training, but placing one in AAA and giving the other first shot while the both get at least semi-consistent PA was the only way to solve this self-created disaster. 

So Alderson has only a few options in my opinion.  Throw this situation to us and accept blame for the poor play it likely causes.  Send one of them to AAA or release someone.  Sign Morales and move on from both giving the fans and the players a fresh start and a chance to end the unnecessary controversy.