It was 6:30 when I felt the urge to put on the WFAN.  It was 6:31 when I realized that there was no baseball.I've said it once and I'll say it again.  Met baseball, be it good or bad, is better than no baseball.  And yes, I will watch the playoffs because I love watching the game.  I won't root for the Phillies or Yankees which will give me something to watch every just won't be the same without Howie Rose or Gary Cohen.Remember when all the people were following Forest Gump run around the country and then in the middle of the desert he just stopped and wanted to go home leaving everyone wondering what they were going to do?  That's me.  I'm one of those guys running behind Gump wondering what to do now.I could watch regular t.v. but that's boring.ESPN has college football but that's not cutting it.  DVR has episodes of Chopped and Iron Chef.  Who recorded that?I'm not a hockey fan because I can't see the puck.Football will help but that's only one day a week.I need the pre-game, the Hot Stove, the Updates, the bottom crawl of scores.Beer Money and Broadway boxing are not going to get me through the Fall.It's day one.I'll check Netflix and watch Escape from New York or maybe The Road Warrior.This always happens to me.  How long do you think it will take for the Mets to be in October?Maybe I'll a read a book.