Update: It's a miracle! A beat writer who doesn't unfairly hate on the Mets. My apologies to Keith Law, who ranked (ESPN insider needed) the Mets' farm system 15th in the MLB, which is pretty great considering all the players lost in the last couple years for Santana and Putz.   Hat tip to MetsBlog for the link.FoxSports' Ken Rosenthal released an article this morning bashing the Mets. I agree with some of the article's major assertions - mainly that Omar isn't a great GM (average at best) and the team needs to reconfigure it's structure and how it operates. But how Rosenthal arrives at the conclusion is mainly based on ridiculous theories. Here are my responses to these questionable quotes."botched courtship of free-agent catcher Bengie Molina"How so? Where’s the evidence of "botchery"? They offered him more money than the Giants, yet he chose to stick with the team he played for last season. He said he would have played for the Mets if they offered him an additional guaranteed year, but they didn’t want to. Nothing here was botched."They were blindsided on both Pineiro and Molina."For Molina, read above. Maybe the Pineiro signing came as a bit of a surprise, but they knew what he wanted, and their inability to make him an offer shows disinterest more than anything. I believe the Mets were luke-warm on Pineiro at best. He had one good season after a slew of mediocre seasons. If the best baseball decision was to NOT sign him to a two year deal, how is this something worth bashing the team for? "They might have lost Bay, too, if another suitor had emerged."This is just ridiculous. Rosenthal must be living in some sort of fantasy world where he makes up potential scenarios that meet his agenda, and writes articles about them. Here, I’ll do the same: "The Red Sox might have lost lackey, if another suitor had emerged. Therefore Theo Epstein is a terrible GM." It’s the exact same scenario. Just complete absurdity."Pineiro identified the Mets as his No. 1 choice, but instead signed a two-year, $16 million contract with the Angels."Again, read the above about Pineiro. Maybe the Mets didn’t think he was worth that much, which most fans agree was a good baseball decision."The Mets have yet to address their chemistry issues"Where’s the proof of any chemistry issues? In fact, screw proof; I haven’t even heard any rumors! Rosenthal completely made this up and ran with it. I don’t even know what to say…insanity.